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Fixerly, fixerly Ltd

Fixerly Middleman

** No former experience or skills needed to be a Middleman / Woman **

You will receive a fully set-up Middleman business under a ‘PROPERTY SERVICES FRANCHISE’

‘Profitable Small Property Insurance Claims’


As a Fixerly franchisee, you will simply manage only aspects of the work that comes in, like providing estimates, receiving authorizations, taking payments and then using sub-contractors to carry out the work. Very healthy profits ££ can be achieved with little effort. 

With Fixerly, you can get involved in any type of property services that you wish and we certainly help you along the way ! The Director and creator of Fixerly has a wealth of experience in this sector and he was not from a building or even handyman background: ** he chose the path of MIDDLEMAN to make his fortune ** selling his shares in his previous middleman business for for a business value of £5.4 million.    ‘Now It’s Your Turn’

A FIXERLY franchise working out at just £1.96 a day