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what's included

No former experience or skills needed to be a UK COORDINATOR

You will simply MANAGE small property Repairs From Home


We know that everything in life is usually time-consuming and leaves very little time if any for marketing, development and profit maximizing £. This is where FIXERLY comes in by allowing you to fully use our brand, system and lots more in so many ways. ‘Fixerly is your professional front’. We provide and do for you so much that you will smile forever!  ZERO royalty or commission ever being charged 0%.

The Best Value Franchise in The UK
£ 899
Most Customized To Your Business
all included
  • Business webpage
  • Google + Bing SEO Indexed
  • Logo customized
  • Business promo video
  • email system + subdomain
  • Digital signature
  • Business portal
  • Estimate/invoice templates
  • e-stationery
  • Job satisfaction template
  • YouTube insertion
  • TURBO business guide
Truly Great Additional Benefits
all included
  • Full corporate brand use
  • Pay NO commission/royalty 0%
  • Leads, marketing + workflow
  • Expansion opportunity
  • Directory listings
  • No restriction on turnover £
  • Flexible business duration
  • You choose services
  • Work from home or office
  • Authorized business license
  • On-boarding intro
  • LIVE in business in 7 days
Optional Extras
  • Marketing business flyers
  • Embroidered fleeces
  • Custom Business cards
  • Caps with logo
  • Polos/t-shirts with logo
  • Credit card reader
Work from home
Coordinate small jobs

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you receive these

Secure HTTPS: your very own professional web page with chosen unique sub domain web address.

You will operate your coordinator business under a property services theme web page etc optimized with plenty of SEO in Google and Bing. 

On your webpage etc, we will display the specific services that you want to provide. Some Fixerly coordinators offer all services but some coordinators only choose to offer handyman or building services as a main service with perhaps an intention to expand and offer additional services in the future (you get to choose some or ALL services to offer).

  • handyman services
  • insurance claim repairs
  • building projects
  • agent solutions

When you join the Fixerly network, tell our designers your area/chosen map of coverage to receive work from within. Don’t forget your webpage is your space! and we allow you to include all your own contact details on it so you get all jobs DIRECT to you (always commission and royalty 0% FREE). Our web developers upon completion of you new customized business web page will then index it in Google and other search engines including Bing. Your business web page can be indexed by search  engines typically within 1 – 2 weeks and can in time be highly ranked and showing 24 x 7.


On Going TweaksWe are happy altering within reason on your website FOC edits, tweaks, perhaps adding some recent completed job pictures. Your webpage will be SEO optimized in Google & Bing where we add other services that you wish to additionally offer on your webpage and marketing to enhance lead prospects.

We make your website and business video that we create exclusively for you into ‘WORK HORSES’ that have very strong, key worded enhanced presence. Keywords & keyword rich images + lots of SEO tricks are also added. A direct Google interactive map is connected / shown within your website. We know that Google & other search engines give priority to key word rich websites (for search engine marketing). We further enhance your websites personnel touch by allowing you to choose and use your own websites URL/sub domain,  what’s yours?

Your web-page delivers potential work flow DIRECT to your business FREE of any charge 24 x 7   

 ‘It doesn’t get any better than being a FIXERLY COORDINATOR’ 

LIVE example what yours will look like, *Think what areas you want to work in?
*What specific services will you offer?

All Google and Bing marketing/SEO indexing of your webpage and video we do for you is FREE and fully included

Your new coordinator webpage will be ENHANCED in natural search results when we index them professionally through our  Webmaster accounts.




Our designers create for your coordinator business, a logo specific for your own use.  Ideal if you need any additional local marketing you may want to do in the future. For example doing a free post on Facebook local groups or the Nextdoor app (2 great ways to get additional free local leads)

LOGO AD Properties

We create just for you and your business a short customized INTRO video. We add all your contact details, web page link, wonderful imagery, core services you offer and some themed music embedded onto it. We then index it on Google and other search engines. Typically over time, your video may become visible direct in normal text search results as your overall business profile elevates in rankings. Videos are great to send out using easy links to your potential clients and post on Facebook, Twitter etc and so many other channels.


We host your business video on our own VIDEO PLATFORM and then embed it  direct within your business webpage.

You will receive your very own professional domain business email you would use in all your business emails you send out. It really will ‘set you apart’ from most other companies, you certainly will stand out from the crowds!


We give you a new business email system again all fully included that you can easily log into and here you can choose ready made templates to make sending new emails out a BREEZE. You will look so professional to your clients with your email matching your chosen business name, web-page etc in conjunction with your Fixerly brand.

  • Additionally you can download a mobile app so all your new FIXERLY coordinator emails will also arrive on your phone as well as desktop.
You will have your own ‘e-SIGNATURE’ created that will automatically be added to all your new emails you compose and send using your fully included business email system.
Kind regards,
Adam Droy
Property Services Coordinator
LOGO AD Properties
‘AD Properties’ – ta Fixerly
M: 07837 290257

Once your business is fully set up, live and active, we create for your business your own secure PORTAL. This is a ‘go to place‘ with all your customized/ personalized business assets inside that our designers have created for you.

In additional to your customized/ personalized section, their are 2 other sections that has multiple tabs with each tab opening up etc for your further content use. One section is called ‘Generic Asset’s and one called  ‘£ Lead Generation £’ on how to get ADDITIONAL work flow.



We know how important good presentation is to potential new clients especially when providing an estimate and or invoice. From in depth experience, a considerable more % percentage of clients will authorize work to proceed if they receive professional and branded estimates (most of your competitors for the same job will almost NOT provide what a Fixerly coordinator can). 

We provide ready for your new franchise business, customized estimate/invoice templates just for your specific business. 

The template you will receive will allow you to insert images and this is a really useful tool if you need to identify certain parts of the required works.



INVOICER  (see more examples of what you may be generating if you join Fixerly)


As a Fixerly coordinator, you will find this simple job satisfaction sheet very useful to prove successful sign off by your tradespeople or handyman on each job. Again we fully CUSTOMIZE this just for you and your new Fixerly business.

As well as hosting your customized promo video that gets embedded on your webpage, we additionally upload to YouTube for your maximum exposure + Google videos via a listing. YouTube is very good to gain new customer engagements. We typically can get your video visible direct in normal text search results over time as your overall business profile elevates in rankings.

Videos are great to send out using easy links to your potential clients & post on Facebook, Twitter etc.


We create for you your own customized  ‘e-stationery suite’ again designed to your business by our graphic experts in digital format. Our designers will send to you for proofing prior to be added to your webpage, portal etc. These digital assets are ideal if you want to send to potential clients as part of any additional marketing to what HQ does for you.



GOOGLE LOCAL – MAPS (different type to main Google search). Once your new FIXERLY coordinator business is set up and live, you can easily add your business and it’s location of work offered to Google local maps (you do this element yourself as Google only deals with local living entities). This will give you a further BOOST in search results and great for new job inquiries. Google will send you an authorization code to validate a local business once applied for.  You can choose to OPT out from displaying any address when live in Google maps. We then insert HTML code from your Google Local maps listing once provided direct into your webpage further TURBO BOOSTING> your visibility in Google normal search results. You get to choose the category/services that you wish your coordinator business to specifically offer.


Upon joining our network as a COORDINATOR, you will be given a guide if you want to FURTHER enhance and get more business etc coming in.

Practical & Very Useful FIXERLY TURBO Boost Business Guide

+ receive these

Fixerly allows you to use our brand under a business license we give you upon joining.  

In addition to your own CUSTOMIZED logo (example below with what would be your webpage embedded) our designers create for your business, you are licensed to use any of our various logos. 


LOGO AD Properties

small logo e signature





Our logos are ideal for any of your contractor/handymen who are doing work for you for their vehicles. Sign writing is a great way for COORDINATORS to overall impress clients. You can always buy some LOWER COST ‘magnetic’ ones if you prefer rather than sign writing and these can easily be applied, removed and re-applied in less than a minute. 



As your ‘Coordinator Fixerly’ business web page, Google marketing, online directories, social media, video, email marketing, local flyer marketing and so many other methods gains traction, any leads simply come direct to you from the contact details you have provided on your business web page and marketing materials etc. Fixerly HQ cannot guarantee any value or amount of jobs/leads as we are your professional front not job/work provider. We certainly do provide you lots as part of the Fixerly business solution that will provide you a far higher success rate than without. £39 p/m account maintenance fee which covers all your on-going operating systems + instead of you ever paying royalty/commission 0%. It additionally covers your professional email system, webpage, brand use, template, business portal & so much more as listed on this page. What ever you earn is 100% royalty & commission free which means you can turnover/earn as much as you want here in the UK and never submit a monthly return to HQ + there is also no need to report your turnover, cash jobs or even profit to us.


All work leads go DIRECT to you the Fixerly coordinator in a number of ways. In any business, leads and opportunities are generated from a multi-faceted approach, just a few are:

* to your cell (calls or SMS)

* to your own dedicated email ‘’

* Facebook if you have created a local page

* message apps like What’s App or Messenger

Head office do so much for you overall but there are a few things you can do yourself on a local level to TURBO charge your business.


Once you are fully set-up LIVE and you have been given access and unique password to your ‘Business Portal’, you will see a section called  £ Lead Generation £ which is a place you can regularly come to. Here you will find lots of very useful links to a variety of sources where you can get some great opportunities for work/leads. 


As a coordinator, you are able with your Fixerly franchise business to expand as much as you want and take work on from anywhere in the UK. 

With a Fixerly franchise,  ‘You Save More + Make £ More ‘

We also have 20 + free listings by online directories that you can easily go in as well for further business opportunities.

Don’t forget, we NEVER charge you any royalty. What ever you earn is 100% royalty and commission free which means you can turnover/earn as much as you want with your coordinator business.

No need ever to submit a monthly return to head office which is usually the norm with more expensive franchise companies (but not with Fixerly) which brings so many benefits for you.


Fixerly gives you a license when you join us as a coordinator and comes into force on the effective start date of your new business. It shall continue for a period of 5 years with a 1 year only minimum requirement.  At the end of 5 years, another license will automatically be re-offered to you for another new 5-year term but at no re-joining charge (totally free £0) then the same again after that term and so on.

FIXERLY COORDINATORS like all size of jobs and even LOVE the smaller jobs that not many other service providers take on. As a coordinator, you will not be doing the work yourself, don’t forget you will be overseeing/managing the process and each stage of jobs you get authorized.
Our network specializes in several focus areas for its services and when you join us, you are able to choose some or ALL services that you want to offer your new clients: 

*Property Insurance claim Repairs     *Handyman    *Realty Services     *Small – Medium Building Projects


You and your new business can add additional relevant services in the future if you so wish as your business expands.

It is fully up to you when you join us as a Fixerly Coordinator where you work from.

A large percentage % of coordinators will work from home either part or full time and will typically input working hours to fit around their own private/family life.

HOME BASED is as you can imagine the most cost affective way to operate your business especially in the early days.  It maybe that if you want to expaND you business at some point in the future, then this would be the perfect time to start to operate from a flexible low cost office near to where you live.

‘You Decide Where And When You Want To Work’

When you join us as a Fixerly coordinator, you receive a full license with authorization to use our systems, methods, brand and so much more.

It will allow you to build a profitable business £££ that could be worth a considerable amount in value at some point in the future, perhaps a ‘retirement pot’ for you and your family!

Fixerly admin/designers typically interact with you daily across 7 days until completion and go-live. They will email you various aspects of newly created customized for you business assets for you to proof.

After your business creation, we are happy to provide to you one on one ON-BOARDING carried out via pc screen share. You will see Dominic’s our founder/CEO PC’s screen 1 way only as you both voice chat on mobiles at the same time. This complimentary on-boarding session is found to be very much useful by all new joining coordinators.  

From joining us as a Fixerly coordinator, we typically will have your FULLY CUSTOMIZED business designed and ready for your on-boarding and GO-LIVE within 7 working days. This is subject to you proving us info like your telephone number you want to use for business matters, areas of proposed work etc


We can reduce full creation to less than 7 working days if our designers can EXPRESS build your new business by fitting you into their work diaries earlier (no extra cost for EXPRESS build 🙂


Head office designers will customize your e-business flyers ready for your Fixerly coordinator business.

You can order PHYSICAL hard copy marketing flyers at low cost direct from us after you are set-up or at anytime of operating your business.

Handyman services 



You can order PHYSICAL fleeces  at low cost direct from us after you are set-up or at anytime of operating your business.

Fixerly coordinator business cards.

You can order PHYSICAL hard copy business cards at low cost direct from us after you are set-up or at anytime of operating your business.




Unisex with adjustable back slider fastener

You can order PHYSICAL caps with logos at low cost direct from us after you are set-up or at anytime of operating your business.

Your customers more and more want to pay sometimes balances, deposits or payments using their credit and debit cards.

You can order these direct from us at anytime.



You can order PHYSICAL Polos or T-Shirts with logos at low cost direct from us after you are set-up or at anytime of operating your business.


Become a Coordinator

The BEST Value Business Ever Created

Fixerly provides a unique and affordable way to both professionalize and give you the best possible opportunity of success. From experience we know that clients will usually award work and at higher rates to those who they perceive as looking PROFESSIONAL. Please don’t forget, you pay 0% commission or royalty guaranteed and you receive all jobs direct to you.


Your New Career as a  ‘Property Services’ COORDINATOR

A COORDINATOR can operate remotely from home

Your clients can simply email you pictures of small insurance claims repair damage or even private work. On the bigger jobs £, you may want to take your own pictures and introduce yourself to impress !

Your handyman or self employed contractors can use magnetic on / off signs on vehicle’s on your jobs Promoting Your Business. 

Work Part or Full Time, by Yourself or Partner

insurance claims