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Become a UK Property Services COORDINATOR

The UK's Best Value Franchise - only £899

  *Work from home   *Your clients will soon become regulars   *1st or 2nd income 

A professional MANAGED SERVICE

What FRanchisees Offer Clients

Imagine how impressed your clients both domestic and commercial will be when they accept your typed professional estimate then they get your MANAGED SERVICE at no extra cost! People nowadays would rather deal with you / the coordinator instead of communicating with various trades / handymen etc. Additional services like sourcing of materials certainly will get you a boost in appreciation for your services. Providing your clients with a ‘fixed price’ upon the start of each project will certainly generate returning smiles when your clients realize that your professional MANAGED SERVICE is all built into your one provided estimate for the works.


Your new franchise will be CUSTOMIZED within 7 days

Join Us

Fixerly has made starting a business here in the UK so very easy and hassle free. Once you have decided to join our network as a coordinator, simply ‘check out’ using the join us tab in the menu, sit back and watch the magic happen.

Design Stage

We will gather various elements of info from you that you want to use for your business (phone, t/a business name, area/s you want to work in etc). Our designers will email you each day of setup, various customized components.


Great excitement is the norm for new ‘Coordinators’ who join. HQ admin will be in near daily contact with you as your business nears GO LIVE. Dominic the companies CEO will make contact directly to have a general overview prior to start.

Start Making Money

Once you are fully onboard, familiar with all your new businesses various elements, you will soon agree with us that your income £ opportunity will start on a very positive position. Please do not forget you pay ZERO 0 % royalty or commission. 


 Clients will LOVE your ‘COORDINATOR’ property service

Why not join us as a Coordinator?

As the owner of a Fixerly business, you will be managing all aspects of each job. You do not do the work yourself, in essence you are the project/job manager 

‘You choose the various service types that your new Fixerly business offers. You can add additional services at any time in the future as your business groWS

Coordinator franchise

Provide Estimates

low cost franchise

Offer Handyman Services

Coordinator business

Insurance Claim Repairs

Fixerly franchise

Small Building Projects

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