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Manage / ‘coordinate’ only aspects of jobs, for example – providing estimates, receiving go-ahead’s, taking payments and then using contractors maybe a handyman you employ perhaps full time, part time or on a job per job hourly basis to carry out the work. You can make a very exciting and satisfying career as a UK Fixerly Coordinator

Clients receive a FREE of charge ‘managed service’ when they accept your written estimate. They simply won’t want to miss your coordinator service and typically will not accept any other contractors estimate when they realize what they receive with you!

A Complete Franchise - only £899

◦ No Experience Needed ◦ Work at Home ◦ No Vehicle Needed

Simply manage small domestic & commercial property repairs

Profitable Property Insurance Claim Repairs ££

FIXERLY and it’s ‘COORDINATOR‘ franchise network likes all size of jobs and even LOVES the smaller jobs that no one wants, as they tend to be BIGGER profit £. You will not be doing the work yourself, only overseeing / managing the process and can generate healthy margins ££ on each job. Small property insurance claims can achieve attractive profits as well as small commercial jobs.

As a UK coordinator, You will use a combination of handymen and 1 off trade specific people to carry out the work. As a baseline, our Fixerly network members will have at least 1 direct employed handyman expert, fulltime / part time or flexible hourly basis as needed to ensure quality and timely delivery of services.

  • Private work
  • Small commercial jobs
  • Insurance claim repairs
  • Handyman tasks
  • Property Maintenance
  • Cleaning & Restoration

No previous skills

needed to be a COORDINATOR

On-Boarding by the Founding Director Included.

Most COORDINATORS simply work from home with zero over heads. They get to choose to either make a quick visit to look at NICE jobs when they come in, or can ask the customer for pictures to be emailed across so they can look at the needed works without the need to ever travel to look at the potential job. As a COORDINATOR you DON’T need a vehicle as the handymen or tradespeople you pass / sub contract work to, will have their own (they may even get / use a magnetic vehicle sign with your contact details on when they do jobs for you! )

Give Estimates

Easily provide an estimate to your clients using our simple to use templates. Adding coloured images of the required work will certainly make your estimates SHINE and stand out for your clients which in turn, greatly assists to receive more authorizations.

Receive Go-Aheads & coordinate jobs

A lot of other property service companies like to undertake only BIG jobs and will typically turn down small or even medium sized repairs / works.  FIXERLY and it’s property services coordinators network are very different. We like all size jobs and even LOVE the small jobs that no one wants. Our local offices / coordinators also specialize in assisting insurance companies, realtors, commercial & property owners carrying out property insurance claim repairs typically following on from incidents like leaky internal pipes, storm or small kitchen fires.

‘Local businesses & private clients will simply love your UK COORDINATOR  service.’

Easy Ways To Price Jobs →

Your subcontractors or handyman can provide you a price or needed number of work days prior to you providing your increased typed & branded estimate ££ to your client. There are several ways to price jobs until you gain a bit of experience, so we recommend the following: 

1.) Simply email a few pictures to one of your sub-contractors or handyman you may be using in the future and ask them for their Lowest Rate’. Then create your professional looking estimate, add your profit mark up on top ££ and then email and post the estimate to your customer.

2.) The most profitable savings are achieved if you use one or two regular handymen you may know or will get to know once your on board with Fixerly. Handymen are always the cheapest method to get property services jobs carried out. Lots of handymen are typically qualified in one building trade and can turn their hands to most other tasks as well probably having even built or renovated their own home on many occasions.  

  3.) You may even opt in the future to take on a handyman for a few days a week or as required on a fixed day /hourly pay rate. This method can allow for the best profits to be made for you and overall project managing the job will provide your client with an excellent job experience.


  • Supply & fit new laminated flooring to kitchen

Your client has had a water leak from behind the sink causing water damage to the kitchen laminated flooring. They have claimed on their house insurance and you provided them your own Fixerly estimate that has now been accepted for £1,875. 

 Two x OPTIONS to undertake the work. 1.) Your handyman has provided you a supply & fit price for £1,225) = resulting in your profit of £650.  Alternatively option 2.) You have hired your regular handyman for 2 days labour at £140 a day. Materials + debris disposal total  £598. Total costs for option 2 is  £878  = resulting in your profit of £997.              

 PROPERTY SERVICES FRANCHISE  by Fixerly where you can offer all services or as you choose to your clients. Your customers would see you using our company trademarked brand. They would not be any wiser that you actually sub contract lots of the work out (normal practice in the industry). Your clients would always pay YOU / your franchise business. For example ‘ad services – t/a FIXERLY’, they would pay you  ‘ad services’.

We STRONGLY recommend that you capitalize on using a good skilled handyman to do as much of your work as possible as this is always the most cost effective / profitable way to get work carried out. We have a section how to find handymen etc within our business guide and to which we will go through with you during on-boarding with our director.

As a COORDINATOR, you can offer any and all property services in any area of the UK totally unrestricted. We RAZOR FOCUS your included Google and Bing marketing for your ‘Business’ before your ‘GO LIVE’.

Don’t forget, coordinators do not typically do the work themselves, they  are overseers / project managing / COORDINATORS on all their local businesses jobs.

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