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*licensee or franchisee meanings is that of an independent trading company separate to Fixerly ltd. (they trade as (t/a) as Fixerly only in brand not entity)

  • Please ask directly to a licensee to see if you require, their own T&C,s & documentations if you are using them for work & not Fixerly Ltd. Licensees, act & trade independently Fixerly ltd. Fixerly Ltd registered number @ companies House is (11405742) Each franchisee has their contact details which can be found on their own specific webpage.

These terms & conditions (or terms) govern your use of our website (s) www.fixerly.co.uk or other owned associated domains & any connected links or subdomains. Please read the terms in full before you use this Website. If you do not accept these terms (T&C’s), please do not use this Website. Using the Website implies that you accept all our terms. We occasionally update these terms so please refer back to them in the future, no notification to users will be sent out. Our website covers website (s) www.fixerly.co.uk (or other owned associated company owned domains)

This Site Access: You will be able to access the majority of this our Website without having to register any of your details with us. However, particular areas of this Website will only be accessible only if you have registered or ordered services or products from us that we feel need an account for purchase & administration is needed.

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SERVICE T&C’s  Introduction

  • service T&C,s rules when using our services
  • you can expect
  • your rights & responsibilities

What We Mean by “Services”: Anything offered by Fixerly Ltd directly or any of it’s totally independent licensee across all the services offered on our website.

Used Terminology: For the purpose of these our service section within our terms & conditions the following words have the following meaning/s:

  • “Us/We/Our” refers Fixerly Ltd & or its licensees (if you are using a licensee which would / should be made clear to you on various documents / webpages who you are dealing (t/a) with an ultimately soley responsible & not HQ (HQ trade as Fixerly Ltd) you should ask for copies of their / licensees own T&C’s & other legal notices and qualifications / skills.

.NOTE: Fixerly or Fixerly ltd does not undertake or carry out services directly itself. Any other work that may be carried out is under the sole responsibility from the licensee / franchisee and their own business.

Joining us as a franchisee / license holder. 

 As within its website, we only require one (1) payment of £899 (franchise joining fee) what we call ‘DIGITAL SERVICES’ + ‘BENEFITS’ all fully included as seen here https://fixerly.co.uk/middleman-receives/. Most of these provided to you are tailor made personalised items for your new business, examples being: webpage, video, e stationery, portal, email, etc. As we create tailor made personalised items for your new business as detailed on this website, no refunds can be given and no 14 day cooling off period is valid or will be accepted if requested from the point we start to create your business assets which many if not most are personalized and very much bespoke just for you and your business using the specific information for your new business that you would have supplied to us prior to us commencing work / set up for you and your business (typically on an information sheet with I.D you will complete and send to us for validation). All digital goods tailor made personalised items for your new business will be commenced upon with design and creation within 12 – 24 hours of receiving your payment and information sheet, all digital services are typically completed within 5 – 7 days dependent on waiting for certain replies & details from you if you proceed with us as a new franchisee. During or after set-up, you will be sent an electronic license which provides valid license use of the trademark brand as well, regardless or reasons, this license does not give any reason or validity to these here terms for having being accepted if you proceed and place the order via this website order system, you are making agreement to such if you do proceed. We allow you to leave your franchise whenever you want (minimum period of license you have chosen having being fulfilled. You get to choose the length of license when you join us ranging from 1 – 5 yrs can be chosen. If you want another term in the future say in 5 yrs, you will be offered a further new term if you want to continue forward with Fixerly. A copy of the Fixerly license that you will receive formally when you have joined Fixerly is here for your review – license.  It will be taken as you have read and furthermore accepted our license and its conditions if you proceed to place your order and we commence with the creation of your new business. You only pay a small flat £39 p/m in lieu of royalty / commission  (helps to go towards the up keep of all your business platform, online digital services, hosting & emails servers, network, and our support staff, Mon – Fri. (see for details www.fixerly.co.uk/middleman-receives  (Royalty Free 0% & Leads).  We offer what we call ‘optional extras’ which can be found linked from the pre mentioned web-page or if you visit a page www.fixerly.co.uk/shop which you may want to add in the future to enhance your franchise. 


General: Our terms & conditions (T&C,s) must not be released, discharged, supplemented, interpreted, varied, altered or modified in any manner at all. Only a duly authorised representative by Fixerly can amended these. These our terms and conditions will prevail over any other versions of our terms & conditions prior These our terms & conditions & any agreements awarded between us & you, shall be governed & construed in accordance with English Law & shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English Law.

Our business’s name is: Fixerly LTD (11405742), website is www.fixerly.co.uk (or other owned associated domains)

Telephone:  Directors on 07837 290257

Fixerly Correspondence Address:  Fixerly Ltd, Portland Buildings, Belmont Business Park, Durham, DH1 1TW 

 (company no: 11405742)

data protection number: ZA657203

  • Please ask to see if you require, a proof copy of a Fixerly franchise agreement if considering buying a franchise from Fixerly ltd.
  • Please ask direct to a franchisee to see if you require, a Fixerly official licensees own T&C,s & documentations if you are using them for work & not Fixerly Ltd as they all licensees act & trade independently from Fixerly Ltd.