Branding Images

Download & use ant of our 2 size logos when you need for any type of sign writing / marketing etc. (see your sign writer for their own stick additional images you may want to add)


Regards online marketing, we strongly recommend you read and follow paragraph 18/ last section number: 5 of the latest Resources Business Guide to comply and not to breach your franchise agreement. Copy of this paragraph at the footer of this page for ease of viewing. A section taken from our latest resources PDF guide is provided below (ask for a further copy)

ideal signature logo SQUARE with white background

ideal signature logo transparent / no white background

** A MUST READ **​

Please note that for any ON-LINE marketing (does not apply for printed stationery or printed marketing) you do NOT use the text word FIXERLY even within your trading name (example how not to use on-line = ‘DT Handyman Services -t/a FIXERLY’ (example how to use on-line = ‘DT Handyman Services’) You would then use any choice of FIXERLY images / pictures / logo’s and as many as you like. We suggest you always use as the main profile image, one of the 2 logo’s we created / will be creating for you upon joining us as a franchisee which has your Fixerly web address embedded directly in.

* We do this for several reasons, web spiders crawl and reproduce adverts / company names unauthorized * would still be web indexed when a franchisee leaves his franchise * reduces massive amounts of spam calls from sellers.