Plumbing Franchise

‘The UK’s  Best  plumbing franchise’

Low Cost Plumbers Franchise

NO Set-Up Fee
5 star plumbers franchise

a day

* Pay 0% commission 
  • Emergency Services
  • Leaking PIpes & Call Outs
  • Bathroom, Shower & Toilet Replacements
  • Domestic & Commercial
  • General Plumbing

Plumbing Franchise

Why not get involved on small water leaks & insurance damage claims ?  (i made a fortune ££ doing this)  

You can work on either: * call out * estimate * hourly basis

We have created the most affordable and dynamic plumbers franchise ever in the UK. If you join us and take on a plumbers franchise business, you will find that having a professional brand behind you, allows for more work to get authorized faster & at impressive rates. We will also how you how to get involved in after works if you want especially on water damage where clients are claiming on their property insurance.

(it,s your franchise business, your in charge so tell us your price structure etc)

Emergency Plumber

In hrs 8 - 4 (Mon to Fri)
includes the below
  • travel time
  • call out charge
  • 45 mins on site
  • Fast to site

Emergency Plumber

out of hrs 4 -10 (Mon to Fri)
includes the below
  • travel time
  • call out charge
  • 45 mins on site
  • Fast to site

General Plumbing

In hours 8-4 (Mon to Fri)
hire by the hour
  • FREE travel to/from job
  • any additional time *
  • Job materials **
  • (usually booked 2 + days in advance)

Plumbers franchise


You can offer what ever services you want. Most Fixerly licensees offer other non-emergency plumbing works, maintenance, refits etc. Providing your customer with a free quotation / estimate with fixed price is always LOVED. To speed estimates up, we recommend asking your customers to send to you via MMS or email a few images and details of the required works.


Affordable plumbers franchise
Great Business

Work anywhere in the UK but we recommend you FOCUS on where you live

No Set-up Fee & Royalty FREE

FIXERLY licensees / franchisee plumbers, operate an open & honest policy for all that they do with genuine open pricing, leaving customers never wondering on costs. 

Emergency Plumbers. You can structure your call outs at what ever price & times of day  that you want PLUS when to charge 50 or 100% more for out of hours work.

Plumbing Material. Any agreed materials needed & if carried on your vehicle, we recommend charging a 30% purchase mark up.  Or alternatively, any parts can be collected by either you the plumber or you as directed by you the client but always at the clients time & money outlay.

 Fixerly franchisees may operate differently as its their own business & want to do things in their own certain way ! Please create your own prices charges etc but perhaps take advice & copy where you can from other local plumbers.

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