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34 x GREAT franchise’s to choose from across different categories & services. Any choice of franchise for only £99 p/m

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Something For Everyone

34 LOW COST Franchises

Any Business Choice Only £99 p/m

No Royalty  

Your new business can have an amazing amount of both digital and also physical goods with UBtheBoss. Go to each of our 3 franchise specific websites to see the HUGE LIST of what you will receive all bespoke to you and your new franchise within 7 days. Various franchise types have different needs so we cater for each one differently and awesomely.

Your business, LIVE in 7 days

Finally Business Made Affordable

‘You will never find a better and as low a cost business SOLUTION other than UBtheBoss’


Everything Bespoke For you in 7 days

No design or setup charges. This is our group companies promise to you, We are the 1st to offer a Royalty free franchise.


TRUE experts in free marketing

our tech office / designers and specialist SEO experts, take FREE ADVANTAGE of Google, Bing etc to do so much free digital marketing for you and all included.


So affordable they make GREAT gifts !

At our ULTRA LOW one set price for any type and from £199, they make ideal gifts or your 2nd or 1st income.

UB The Boss is not a trading company, it is the marketeer for all it’s sister companies & their franchise brands..
34 Ultra Low Brands by UBtheBoss ↓
Any franchise at affordabe option choices