Initial Invoices you could be sending out

By Offering a Needed Service (in additional to the main follow on  property repairs)

Call Out's

A lot of our local franchisees have either a plumber or handyman that carries out call outs, for example: a small PLUMBING repair that needs urgent attention. Situations like a broken pipe behind a bath causing water damage to the rooms down below. This element of work does not come cheap but our Fixerly franchisees will make sure that their invoices represent overall fair value and that the emergency repair is swiftly dealt with.

Cleaning Services

Nearly all property insurance claims will have the need for cleaning services. Imagine the subsequent mess that a water leak in an upper room can make when it has brought an old lathe and plaster ceiling crashing down in the room below. Plaster / dust / water everywhere and the customer needs assistance with the clean up. Some Fixerly franchisees co-ordinate the cleaning and are happy to allow the what are normally HIGH charges for these type of one-off jobs to be paid by insurance companies.

Follow On Immediate Repairs

After some of the call outs that our local franchisees arrange via their handyman or plumber etc, can even co-ordinate the IMMEDIATE follow on plumbing repair to that element associated to the recent call out. For example a bathroom sink has cracked so a FIXERLY franchisee will arrange for a handyman or plumber following the initial call out to re-attend and fit a brand new bathroom sink. Again Fixerly charges are not cheap but they do represent a service that fast & efficient.

Assistance Services

The Fixerly franchise network's local managers get involved with all types of property services: *insurance claim repairs *small commercial work *domestic work.
They like to get involved and OVERSEE / manage additional jobs that most people tend to overlook. For example following a water leak and a client is claiming on their insurance, a franchisee can 1.) co-ordinate moving carpets and furniture from a water damage room and place in another room of the property 2.) take curtains down & set aside 3.) Remove debris from site.

 Fixerly franchisees initial Invoices are usually followed on with further invoices for the FOLLOW ON  (Re-instatement works)

Our local franchises may not be the cheapest, but they are the BEST

Offer a Great Service

Receive Healthy Margins £

Franchisees offer all types of assistance & services  following on from small property incidents like water leaks that cause property damage.

‘Our local franchisees may not be the cheapest, but they are the best and clients LOVE the service’