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We know that running a business is usually very time-consuming & leaves very little time if any for business marketing, development & profit maximizing £. This is where FIXERLY comes in by allowing you to fully use our Registered Trademark ®, brand, system & lots more in so many ways. We are your professional front to your new or existing business. We give & do for you so much you will smile forever! We give you a complete franchise at an * Ultra LOW COST  *No Royalty 0%  


Fixerly gives you everything + so much more

Work Part or Full Time, by Yourself or With A Partner ?

 We Create Everything & Set Up Your New Business All to Your Liking

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included –  FIXERLY LTD has a full Registered UK Trademark ® which protects our brand. ‘Included’ –All Rights Reserved (®) UK00003324217 ®. We allow you to use our FIXERLY Registered Trademark and brand to front your new business including all marketing etc. Simply use your own new company name (trading as t/a) or sole trader name for your customer invoices & estimates etc. Example: ( ‘Doms Services’ – t/a FIXERLY’) usually written at the very bottom of your Fixerly letter headed paper.

included –  As your business web page, Google marketing, Yell, video, Google local maps & local flyer marketing gains traction, any leads simply come direct to you from the contact details you have provided on your business web page & marketing materials etc. Fixerly HQ cannot guarantee any value or amount of jobs/leads as we are your professional front not job / work provider, but we certainly do provide you lots of digital marketing items that will provide you a far higher success rate than without. Don’t forget, we NEVER charge you any royalty. What ever you earn is 100% royalty & commission free.

included – Secure HTTPS: your very own professional web page with your chosen Fixerly web address.

We will give you a GREAT LOOKING tradesman or handyman / builder webpage all bespoke for your trade or skill set.

Tell everyone what services you provide, your area map of coverage etc. Don’t forget it’s your space! & we allow you to include all your own contact details directly on it so you get all jobs DIRECTLY to you (commission & royalty 0% FREE). Your webpage will deliver for you a very professional ‘front‘ allowing you to highlight your business services 24 x 7. We even index your bespoke website in Google & Bing. Your business web page can be indexed by search  engines typically within 1 – 2 weeks & can be highly ranked typically page 1.

On Going Tweaks – We are happy altering any details you wish us to do on your website FOC.

We make your website and business video that we create exclusively for you into ‘WORK HORSES’ that have very strong, key worded enhanced presence. Keywords & keyword rich images + lots of SEO tricks are also added to it. A direct Google interactive map is connected / shown within your website. We know that Google & other search engines give priority to key word rich websites (for search engine marketing) so we add plenty of these in as well. We further enhance your websites personnel touch by allowing you to choose & use your own web sites URL/name.  what’s yours ?

*We have lots of different designs / looks of webpages and all will impress your clients.

  • Your web page delivering work flow DIRECT to your business FREE of any charge 24 x 7. 
  •    It doesn’t get better than FIXERLY’
  • Set your own prices £££
  • Part EXAMPLE, Google search = “Electricians in Carnforth” or  click ←

included – Check out what we do for you & your new FIXERLY branded business with direct online marketing but in your own location 24 x 7 bringing work in direct to you. (don’t forget, you can take work on from anywhere in the UK as well but we do local direct online focus for you near to where you live).

Your Fixerly web page we give you, is FULLY optimized by our web developers inserting key LOCAL words, phrases, addresses, embedded images, video, back links & all kind of SEO tricks to turbo boost your fully included page in Google local results like our ‘Handyman in Ulverston’ live webpage as below you can check out

After our web developers have completed your webpage, our SEO experts get it indexed directly on Google & Bing as you can see below, Google likes to rank our franchise sites well because they are quality rich & mobile friendly.

  Google search = ‘handyman in Ulverston’  page 1

included –  We create just for you & your business, a short INTRO video. We add all your contact details, webpage link & info etc as you want, to promote you & your MIDDLEMAN  business. We then index it on Google & other search engines typically towards the very front of Google videos. We also will typically get your video also visible direct in normal text search results. Videos are great to send out using easy links to your potential clients & post on Facebook, Twitter etc.


We host all videos on our own VIDEO PLATFORM + additionally upload as well to Youtube for your maximum exposure.

FREE add  You can take a free add in any trade or service you wish to offer & in your local area.



We also show you how to get your new franchise business, a FREE listing in 33 other directories.

included –

Upon joining us, you will be given a:

 “Practical & Very Useful FIXERLY TURBO Boost Business Guide”


included – we know how important good presentation is to potential new customers especially when providing a Quotation / Estimate. From in depth experience, we know that a considerably more % percentage of customers will authorize work to proceed if they receive professional & branded estimates (most of your competitors for the same job will almost NOT provide what a Fixerly licensee can).


We will create for you, your own business e-Estimate template for you to use typically on medium – bigger jobs (the choice is yours if & when to use)


Once your business has been fully set up and LIVE, we additionally provide you your own secure SUPPORT PORTAL. This allows you to ask for all types of ongoing support 24 x 7 across multiple departments:

  • General Support
  • Insurance Claims Assistance
  • Accounts

Your Own Support Portal Dashboard

included – When you join FIXERLY, we are very happy to always give you assistance / advice if you want to get involved in property insurance claims work. This type of work can be VERY profitable in deed with all aspects of the work.


included –  we add your new business now set up with FIXERLY to our ‘Master Google Account’. This will give you a further BOOST in search results and great for new job inquiries.

optional – All e-stationery is designed to your business by our graphic experts. Our designers will send to you for proofing prior be adding to your webpage, portal etc. Physical hard versions can be easily ordered (optional) if wanted via our affordable, high quality printers.

optional –Tell us you top size & we will send you, a stylish branded polo top + a very comfy branded fleece (you choice if you want to wear them or not).

. We have ranges ready in stock at HQ of  Sizes; S, M, L, XL, XXL


optional –   Your own easy to use mobile credit card reader. Its fully your choice if & when to use. Your customers more & more want to pay sometimes balances, deposits or payments using their credit & debit cards. We use the very simple seconds to set up mobile card reader (we also include free to you / included this device). Fixerly makes no money from you ever using this & SUMUP & has absolutely no connection. As on 19/1/2020 they charge only a low 1.69% to make collecting card payments easy for you & your business. Sumup typically make balance transfers within 1 day direct into your bank.


PayPal & other providers also offer alternatives.

included – Once your business is fully set up, live and active, we create for you and give you your own secure PORTAL. This is a ‘go to place‘ with all your bespoke personalised assets we have created for your business and also generic assets you can also use.

included –We will provide you logos so you can go either to our or any vehicle sign writers you choose. Why not add some imagery, you will use your own chosen business name, phone, email & web address so customers know who they are dealing withThe reaction you will get when arriving at a customers property in a professional looking van or even car is great & after you may have delivered leaflets to the surrounding properties when on a job, it’s a great way for your phone to start to ring !


UK,s Best Value Business’s

0 % Royalty

IDEAL SOLUTION FOR = Handyman * Plumbers * Tilers * Gas Engineers * Plasterers * Electricians * Joiners * Decorators * General Builders * Any Trade *

Fixerly Franchises

FIXERLY is the ultimate marketing tool you need

 A GREAT Contractor or Handyman Solution

The 1st company to offer this service
' Perfect for your new or existing business's'

Unbeatable Value

Choose from 2 x Joining Options

Pay x 12 Monthly Option

£ 99

Paid Yearly Option

£ 594
save £594 / 50%

↓ BOTH options receive (a+b) all included ↓


↓ fully included - bespoke for you
  • Full Brand & Trademark Use
  • Bespoke Business Webpage
  • Includes 12 months License
  • Pay NO commission / Royalty 0%
  • None Restricted - Work Anywhere
  • Google + Bing SEO Indexed
  • NO monthly payments at all
  • Expand As Much As You Like
  • Your Own Business Video


↓ also included - bespoke to your business
  • Branded email Signature
  • Best Business Guide
  • Online FREE Directory Templates
  • Easy Estimate Template
  • Ongoing Support Dashboard
  • Business Portal
  • Your Own Bespoke Fixerly Logo
  • Local Google Maps


We do not believe in getting our franchise network into entering a long typical 5 year term like almost all other franchise companies would do! as we believe in ethical franchising. We know the importance of FLEXIBILITY + as you would have already paid in advance for the next 12 months as included, It is YOU in the ‘DRIVING SEAT’. We are confident that you will be so impressed with your ‘Fixerly’ franchise that you will want to renew again for year 2 and any future years, simply pay either option 1 or 2 then.

IDEAL SOLUTION FOR = Handyman * Plumbers * Tilers * Gas Engineers * Plasterers * Electricians * Joiners * Decorators * General Builders * Any Trade *
Maximize Your Current Business or Let Us Start One Up For You

The BEST Value Franchise Ever Created

Awesome Trades & Handyman Franchises

We create for you, your own FIXERLY marketing & unique business identity as listed with just one of these being like these A5 gloss finish quality flyers. We swap for relevant pictures / info / wordings, the services you want to offer. We also do this for your own video & web page we also create bespoke for you. Also we add your areas covered & what telephone numbers new customers can call you on. Please don’t forget, this is only 1 part of your comprehensive marketing & business solution.

Why not add Middleman ?

Why not ADD all freely included, additional Middleman services to your specific trade ! Then any work that’s not your skill set,  simply act as a middleman on this other work stream, managing, the work, like providing estimates, receiving GO AHEADS  / payments & then using sub-contractors to carry out the works.Very healthy profit ££ margins can be made for doing this & it can be VERY profitable if done right. It’s a GREAT WAY to earn extra income ££ without doing any of this work yourself ! no extra charge to add Middleman (click to read more)
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Fixerly provides a unique & very affordable way to both professionalize & give your business the best possible opportunity of success. From experience we know that clients will usually award work & at higher rates to those who they perceive as looking PROFESSIONAL. Don’t forget, you pay 0% royalty & you receive all jobs direct to you.


Optional Physical Products

↓ you can choose when & what extras your business wants
  • ↓ Bespoke designed for your business ↓
  • 1,500 Colour Glossy Flyers / Brochures £59
  • 250 Your Name Business Cards £33
  • Mobile Credit Card Payment Machine £24
  • Stylish Embroidered multi coloured Polo £19
  • Luxury multi coloured branded Fleece £38
  • (orders £3.99 postal costs)

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